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Poems About Love

Poems About Like – Respect is frequently a Mystery

Is not going to you happen to be aware about that I am the one
Are unable towards the issue is who I’ve come to be
I have made to become the individual to suit your needs
Whilst not for following, I would a clue amar seus inimigos

The moment I listened towards your voice the moment more
I had been reworked to your affliction of Zen
I felt the joy running down my spine
Like both of those similarly our worlds experienced been merged

It unquestionably was these kinds of an unpredicted emotion
Now I get myself frequently smiling
And every time you cross my intellect
You sprinkle Enjoy that is sweet & kind

I asked Why Now and not before,
Experienced these feelings knocked on my door
But I guess I’ll never really know
Cause Love’s a thriller, like the rainbow

Poems About Love – Really like is Stronger than Doubt

I watch from a distance as she enters the room
It’s me she’s looking for, I simply assume
Who else makes her feel the way that I do
I ask myself who, without having a clue

I am sure it’s a friend she’s talking to
Cause nothing can break the trust we grew
Nothing will undermine my true value
Even if again, my dreams I’ll pursue

There’s no reason for me, to doubt the truth
Cause we built a space for us to soothe
We built our ship, out of Really like and respect
So it stays forever, unharmed by the effects

So many thoughts will crawl down on us
To create illusions or maybe just a fuss
But it’s our role to laugh, in the face of Ego
Cause Appreciate is stronger than you’ll ever know

Poems About Really like – Really like Returns

I told you I will break your heart
I even warned you from the start
But you chose not to believe the signs
As if there’s love between the lines

Do not you understand my heart defined
Who I’ll Really like and who gets declined
But this time you turned a blind eye
Cause you thought on you, I will rely

Why do we fool ourselves each day
Thinking life will go our way
Didn’t you learn from the past
That life has tests for yourself to pass

Life goes by in a blink of an eye
Then you kindly ask yourself Why?
Why did I let her pass me by
As I watched the night eat away the sky

And it feels like it’s all, about to end
Cause the world returns what you have sent
So today I send my Really like to You
And I hope it returns, the way it flew